Q- Are Snapper Slappers legal to use with bait?

A- Yes if you are using small strips or chunks on each hook. A whole sardine or fish you will have to use the circle hook assist hooks. There is no reason to use whole bait anymore. bait in small strips or chunks tipped on each hook work great and make bait last longer. It is the action of lure and sent of bait that makes it so appealing.

Q-How do you fish these as a jig?

A- Using as a jig I tip jig on both hooks and fish from top of water column to bottom stopping every 20ft or so to lightly raise and lower rod tip. Then let bait fall another 20 ft or so until you feel the bite. If you fish from bottom up sometimes the big ones do not have a chance to get to bait because smaller fish hand right on structure for safety. The bigger ones are always above or on sides of structure and can swim anywhere they want while if the smaller fish get out of cover they get ate by the bigger fish.

Q- Can you cast these?

A- Yes when fish are up high in water column I tip jig and long cast it off back of the boat. As it hits the water I engage reel and the jig swims back toward boat with a tight line all the way back. You will usually get hit coming back toward the boat.

Q-How do you fish these for ling?

A- I always have a 1oz or a 3oz on a pitch rod in case we see a ling on top. We then throw far enough in front of him so not to spook him but for him to get a look at it. I then reel in fast until he starts to follow it then I stall bait so it swims down and they usually hit it on the drop.

Q- Can you troll the Snapper Slapper Jigs?

A- Yes very effectively. I pull them on weed lines for dolphin with or without bait. For slow trolling 3-5 knots I will troll with a whole sardine on short hook. For trolling 6+knots for kings or wahoo no bait needed because of speed will tear off bait. You can troll these up to 12 knots without bait attached.

Q-How can you stagger depth pattern trolling these?

A-Whatever depth you want to troll these can be done by going dead in water. Drop baits to depth you want to troll each, get rods ready to troll then start slow trolling. The baits will stay at depth you set without coming up as long as slow trolling no more 3-4 knots max or bump troll.

Q-How do the glow heads work?

A- The heads have a glow underneath powder coat so they glow in true color. They are light activated by either sunlight or artificial light as deck lights. Fishing at night hold head up to bright light for a few seconds then fish them. After dark you will have to reactivate glow each time you reel in by holding head toward light for a few.